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Something for every taste

The Museum Store features a wide selection of jewelry, prints, ceramics, photograpy, books and other artful gifts by almost 100 Western New York artists, including:

Deborah Abgott
Richard Aerni
Einat Agmon
Thomas Aquinas-Daly
Rita Argen Auerbach
Jozef Bajus
Ray Bissonette
Sarah Blackman
Ann Bliss
Rosanna Cappellino
Andrew Chambers
Melissa Crowell
Lene Currie
Lincoln Cutting
David Day
Joseph Del Monte
Patrick Del Monte
Carolyn Dilcher-Stutz
Mark Donnelly
Patricia Fisher
Marcelo Florencio
Catherine Gillespie
Elaine Hardman
Paul Harp
Eugene Hededus
Carianne Hendrickson
Scott Herman
Sue Hettrick-Makoczy
Joyce Hill
Richard Hirsch
Ani Hoover
Bryan Hopkins
Jane Jacobson
Michael Killelea
Louisa Kim

Robin Lenhard
Karen Lee Lewis
Karen Machette
Jerry McGowan
Margaret McGowan
Michael McLean
Wendy Meinzer
Linda Michalek
Heather Mordaunt
Paul Morgan
Brian Nesline
Carolyn O’Mara
Joseph Orffeo
P22 Type Foundry
Catherine Parker
Donna Paveljack
Ann Peterson
Carolann Rice Rafferty
Stephanie Robb
Sumiyo Roland
Alexis Russell
Henry Schmidt
Joe Sturcker
Donna Sturges
Jill Tarr
Monika Toney
Marcy Unher
Jim Vasi
Bruce Verbeck
WNY Books Arts Center
Patrick Wilett
Robin Yates
Julie Zabinski-Smith
Courney Zach

For information about being represented in The Museum Store, please visit the How to Sell in The Museum Store page.