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Anthony Locane

Anthony Locane

b. 1950
Born: Buffalo, NY, U.S.

Anthony Locane is a Western New York artist who combines traditional weaving with new digital technology. He received a BS in Art Education from Buffalo State College in 1972; while an undergraduate he took a course in textile design which led to his focus on weaving. From there he pursued an MA in Sculpture from Lehman College of CUNY in 1978. After three decades pursuing graphic design, marketing, and teaching, he returned to art-making.

In a statement on his website, Locane describes his artistic practice as follows:

"My work starts with a digital photograph, over-painted and drawn upon and layered with color. I have developed a unique approach where I 'weave' portions of several digitally manipulated photos directly on the computer screen. The final 'digitally woven' image is printed on special paper and/or metal, cut into strips and then woven together to create the final art piece. The 3-dimensional quality of the woven form adds another dimension to the piece, creating texture and light." [1]

Locane's works have been exhibited throughout the northeast U.S. At the Burchfield Penney, he has been included in the group shows Art in Craft Media 2013 and The Artists Among Us II. The artist is based in New York City. 

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[1] Quotation and other information adapted from the artist's website,