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Buffalo Artists Against Repression & Censorship

Buffalo Artists Against Repression & Censorship (BAARC) formed organically in 1990 in response to censorship in the arts and first amendment violations in Western New York. BAARC’s members included the 18 who were arrested at the Artpark protest, as well as others who were lucky enough to avoid arrest, but remained an active part of the legal and media production processes over the next few years: Bruce Adams, Adam Bigelow, Tony Billoni, Kit Bronson, Rene Broussard, Phyllis Christopher, Heather Connor, Ted Conrad, Tony Conrad, Cyndi Cox, Ron Ehmke, Garland Godinho, Tony Grajeda, Jim Hartel, Armin Heurich, Chris Hill, Serena Howeth, Eric Jensen, Brian Kirbis, Terry Klein, Content Knowles, Wago Kreider, Bruce Lafferty, Jody Lafond, Lisa Laske, Barbara Lattanzi, Aaron Lercher, Matt McElligott, Laura McGough, Marty McGough, Karen Nemeth, Christy Nicewonger, Brian Springer, Cathleen Steffan, Charles Weil, Richard Wicka, Julie Zando, and Leigh Zurek.