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Charlotte Spaulding Albright


Born in Buffalo, Charlotte Spaulding Albright married Langdon Albright in 1908 and became the daughter-in-law of J. J. Albright, the benefactor and donor of the Albright Art Gallery.  She studied photography with Edward Steichen and became a member of the famous Photo-Secession, a group of American photographers led by Alfred Stieglitz of New York.  Her work was also shown with the Photo-Pictorialists of Buffalo, which flourished from 1906 to 1914.  It was a core group of members of the Buffalo Camera Club who focused their energies completely on art photography, mimicking the aesthetics of painting in soft-focus portraits, landscapes, and still-life subjects.  Charlotte Spaulding Albright stopped taking photographs in 1910 and devoted her later years to parenting her three children, Charlotte, Langdon and Watson.