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Darya Warner

Born: Germany

Darya Warner is a German interactive bio-artist; coming to US in 2001, Darya was determined to pursue her dream of being an artist. Darya’s work revolves around the complexity of nature and global environmental consciousness, in which living organisms are the major part of her ideas. Through bio-processing and collaboration with living matter such as mycelium, bioluminescent algae, glowing E.Coli, etc, combined with usage of modern technologies like CNC machines, Darya creates interactive installations, visual displays, and sculptures to engage the viewer into becoming more aware of the world around them and push to rethink their place as a ‘sapiens’ part of Earth’s Superorganism. As a part of her art practices, Darya uses microscopes with the primary idea of merging scales; colliding the visible and invisible worlds at the point of human perception which brings her closer to the understanding of the interconnections between them.


2016 - Biodesign Challenge  2nd place as a part of School of Visual Arts Team

2015 - Won Gold in Art and Design  as a part of  School of Visual Arts IGEM team

2014 - SVA Alumni Scholarship Award (Amelia Geocos Memorial Award)


Solo Shows

2015 - "Through The Looking Glass", Art Bastion Gallery, Miami, Florida

Group Shows

2018 -2019 - Eco-Connectivity, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin's Thaer-Institut & Campus Nord & Science Branch Libraries, Berlin, Germany

Art+Science : The Undivided Mind,New Delhi, India

2017 - “Atomic STEaM Photography Show”, The National Museum of Nuclear Science & History,  Albuquerque, NM

“Axis Mundi” as a part of Biennial of Americas: Artists on Environmental Melancholia, Social Mania and Biophilia,  Platt Forum Gallery, Denver, CO

“NeverTheLess: A Night of Nasty Women/A Night of Dualism”, El BArrio’s ArtSpace PS 109, NY

“Art in The Lab”, Callahan Center Gallery, Brooklyn , NY

“Wearable Expressions “, Palos Verdes Art Center, LA, CA

2016 - "Sacred Geometries", Art Bastion Gallery, Miami, FL

"Biophilia Hypothesis", School of Visual Arts Flatiron Gallery, NY

2015 - "Art Biologic", Limner Gallery, Hudson, NY

2014 - “Blue Egg: Visions of Nature”  NATURALLY HYPERNATURAL :VISIONS OF NATURE International    Conference , SVA Gallery Group  Show, NYC

NY ART BOOK FAIR , MOMA PS1, Artwork donated to SVA, NYC

“Where is Art in Bio Art?” SVA Gallery Group Show, NYC

“Conception New York City” The Cutting Room, NYC

“Living Things Not Collaborating” SVA Summer Residency Show, NYC

“Everything Else” SVA Gallery Group Show, NYC

2010 - U.S. Women's Olympic Ski Jumping Team benefit, NYC (artwork donated and sold)


2015-2017 - Microscopy Expeditions (

2016 - Biodesign Challenge (

2015 - iGEM competition (

Public Art Commissions

2017-2018 - Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Tarrytown, NY

2017-2018 - Arts Westchester, White Plains, NY