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Dianne Baker

Dianne Baker

Dianne Baker is a mixed media and fiber-related sculptor working out of Buffalo, NY. Her sculptures incorporate fiber with other textually rich elements, such as weathered wood and oxidized metal. By using unusual combinations of elements in her work, Baker attempts to suggest an “inner meaning” and “…subvert the viewers’ perception and to value the past and its remains for they provide insight and connections to the present.”[1]

She elaborates in her artist statement, saying “…I see my work as providing a transformational experience in that the viewer cannot only see but also appreciate the creative possibilities which exist within the discarded – find the ‘magic in the ordinary.’[2]

After completing a study abroad program in Florence, Italy in 1964, Baker earned a B.A. in history from Syracuse University in 1965. She received a M.S. in Social Studies from SUNY at Buffalo in 1969 and engaged in further graduate studies there under the tutelage of Carol Kapuza from 1973-76.

Baker has exhibited throughout the United States and in Canada and is included in several public and private collections.

For further information, visit her website:

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