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George Bagdasarov

Labodoble infinito (George Bagdasarov with Alex Moralesova) is a permanent situation of an open experimentation in the cinematic area. We are interested in sustainable processes and tools that remain available even at the digital twilight. We investigate the film field that comprises not only the filming itself (exposition) but also the photo chemical phase of revealing the image and the situation of the projection. We organize workshops of film development, of handmade film and of the projection in the sense of expanded cinema we deal with the Super or Normal 8 mm and 16 mm film stock and from times to times also with the digital video signal we try to be the most mobile as possible to acquire and spread the knowledge of film processes. During our trips we also hope to find new celluloid friends and colleagues if we're not on the way we are based in Prague, the mummy with claws! You can find labodoble on the web at: