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Grace Beals

Born: Buffalo

Grace Beals was a Buffalo, NY landscape painter, born in 1869. She attended Buffalo Seminary and studied at the Buffalo Art Students League with Frank Vincent DuMond, John Carlson, and John Bentley.

She first exhibited with the Society of Independent Artists in 1902, an organization of which she was also a member. She subsequently exhibited every year since and received honorable mention for multiple paintings, including Gloucester (1910), Spring (1912) and The Willows (1922).

Beals was a member of many other organizations, including the Federation of Arts in Washington, the Buffalo Society of Artists, the Art Alliance of America, the Guild of Allied Arts and the Pen Women’s League.[3] She served on the Jury of the Buffalo Society of Artists from 1916-1924 and was also the recording secretary from 1924-1926.

She exhibited at the Springfield Art League in Springfield, Massachusetts from 1924-1925, as well as with the Art Alliance of America in New York City in April 1925.

Beals went abroad to study in Europe in 1929. She died that year while abroad the S.S Carmania.