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Jaime Schmidt

Jaime Schmidt

“My work begins with instinct. I act based on the present moment, and I react. I conceptualize the progress based on my past experience and I move forward with what I may learn from listening to my intuition.  I want to create a kinesthetic environment to realign mental and spatial awareness. My process consists of a constant flow that I move through. When something is meant to happen- it will. There is no beginning and there is no end.

Anxieties arise everyday about what to do, where to go, what is right. My intentions are to allow organic growth, rather than dwelling in these anxieties. I practice this through mindful mediation while creating. I work from the body, to the mind, and into the unknown. 

My goal is to devise an experience inside of the phenomenological nature of the body. I want to allow the viewers to enter in awe of the fragility of the very moment we are in.” [1]

                                                                                -Jaime Schmidt

Jaime Schmidt is a mixed media artist currently working in Buffalo. She received her Bachelor in Fine Arts with a specialization in Painting from Daemen College in 2015. Jaime’s work includes mixed media paintings, sculptures, and drawings. Most of her work involves topics referring to phenomenology and material exploration. She has recently completed a curatorial internship at the Albright Knox Art Gallery.  Her work has been shown around Buffalo and Toronto. Most recently, Jaime has gathered a group of Buffalo artists to start an artist collective with the domain name, ArtBox Collective. 

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[1] "Artist's Statement", Jaime Schmidt