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JiEun Yoon

JiEun Yoon

(b. 1989)
Born: South Korea

JiEun Yoon, a glass artist originally from Seoul, South Korea, is completing her MFA in Glass at Rochester Institute of Technology. Yoon earned her BFA in Ceramics and Glass at Hong-Ik University in Seoul, South Korea. [1]

 Yoon works with glass as a way to tell the story of her memories that are left behind by diverse emotions. The glass allows her to express her memories “using precarious and fragile forms,” while also exploring the duality between weakness and strength. 

The body of work represented in Art in Craft Media 2017 is composed of imagery of the sky. According to Yoon, looking up at the sky makes her rethink her life and the emotions she has experienced.  It lets her “consider how one can fold into the other, intertwinging through time and space, unraveling and recombining deep within our thoughts, and then unfold again, yielding new insight.” [2]

In her Artist’s Statement, Yoon continues, “We all have dreams. My dreams motivate me. Once I have achieved the dream, I might feel empty. The ideal world of [the] image has disappeared: the reality is different from the dream. Then, I discover I have learned, emotionally and experientially, what I could only learn by walking into the illusion of a dream: I open a door to find a new dream.”

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