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Lynn B. Northrop

Lynn B. Northrop

b. 1946

Lynn B. Northrop received her Bachelor of Fine Art in Design and Sculpture from Syracuse University in 1968 and has lived in Western New York since 1971. She was employed by Fisher Price as a product designer in the toy industry from 1971 through 1988. Since then, she has focused on her art and freelance design work.

Northrop's works combine diverse elements from the natural world with man-made components to create unique sculptural pieces. The disparate parts combine to create a connected and cohesive whole. "Each linkage makes the piece more powerful,” she says. [1]

Northrop's artistic practice often explores the ability of objects to convey meaning across time. "Love tokens, amulets, good luck charms, and souvenirs all have the power to evoke images of another person, place, or experience,” she notes. “So too the well-worn tool retains some of the energy of the hand that once wielded it. We can look at a once beloved object and it conjures up a face or a smile long forgotten or perhaps never known.”


[1] All quotes from an undated artist’s statement by Lynn B. Northrop.