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Magdalene Gluszek

Magdalene Gluszek is a sculptor who earned her BFA in ceramics, summa cum laude, at SUNY College at Fredonia in 2005, where Robert Booth was one of her teachers. She received her MFA, also in ceramics, from the University of Florida in 2008.

In an artist’s statement, Gluszek introduces her visionary figures of the human body in this way:

“We live in a surreal world constructed by mass media and popular culture that takes us constantly further from our natural environment. Our preoccupation with self-presentation and display is a visual example of one of the many ways we embrace artificiality. Despite this façade, our emotional actions are tied to basic animalistic impulses. Society and culture tend to ignore or deny the presence of these primal urges. I use animal features and mannerisms blended with those of humans to create hybrid forms, which illustrate this psychological state. Beneath the fake eyelashes, wigs, and sparkles we are just animals playing dress-up.” [1]

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