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Maryrose Fridey

Maryrose Fridey

(b. 1993)
Born: Buffalo, NY

Maryrose Fridey was born in Buffalo, NY and earned her BFA in Sculpture at Buffalo State College. There she has received grants, awards, and scholarships. She most recently received the Dean’s Entrepreneurship Award.

Fridey creates mostly in sculptural media through abstract and nonrepresentational forms.  Her work explores ideas and experiences of wonder, community, emotion, trial, and freedom.  She works in cast metals, plaster, foam, resin, wax, and pigments.  Most of her influence and interest is evoked by her personal relationships, interactions, cultural influence, and doxology. [1]

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[1] Main Street Arts Gallery, “Utopia/Dystopia Gallery Guide,” an exhibition on display May 30–June 30, 2017,  (Accessed 10/02/2017)