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Media Coalition for Reproductive Rights

The Media Coalition for Reproductive Rights (MCRR) formed in 1989 in response to a Supreme Court decision (Webster vs. Reproductive Health Services) that allowed states to restrict funds being used for abortions or abortion counseling in women’s health clinics. The first MCRR tape explicitly invited citizens to use media production resources in the alternative media arts community to contribute to the ongoing program in what was hoped to be a wide-ranging public discussion regarding women’s health using the venue of public access cable.  Members and collaborators include: Bruce Adams, Arjay Baker, Ed Cardoni, Cyd Cox, Heather Connor, Pamela Eger, Annie Ferguson, Garland Gardinho, Armin Heurich, Chris Hill, Nancy Huddleston, Cheryl Jackson, Meg Knowles, Wago Kreider, Jody Lafond, Lisa Laske,  Barbara Lattanzi, Janet Lundeen, Laura McGough, Sylvie Poirier, Gary Shaut, Eric Sommer, Brian Springer, MaryAnn VanWagner, Maria Venuto, Reon Wadsworth, Marion Ware, Richard Wicka, and Julie Zando.