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Melissa Moody

Melissa Moody

(b. 1987)

Melissa Moody, a ceramics artist, earned her MFA in Ceramics from RIT's School for American Crafts in 2012, where she studied under Richard Hirsch and Jane Shellenbarger. Moody received her BS in Studio Art from Roberts Wesleyan College in 2009. Most recently, she completed a three-year residency with the University of Montevallo, where she worked with the Art Department to develop educational programming and instructed ceramics courses. [1]

In addition to teaching, she has also served as a Preparator in collegiate, retail and fine art galleries, including the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in Buffalo, NY. Melissa lives and works in Rochester, NY. [2]

The piece on view in Art in Craft Media 2017 is from Moody’s Progression series. This series investigates how “we observe the passage of time in the world around us. We see it in nature, in organic and geological forms which mark time’s passage in the structure of their development—sedimentary rock formations, tree rings, wasp nests, and shells, for example. All grow or develop incrementally through bands or strata of material.” The works in this series “express growth, change and the accumulation and passage of time.” She achieves this affect by using thin, layered slabs and rough, unglazed surfaces. [3]

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