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Nina Freudenheim

NIna Freudenheim is part of the Living Legacy Project at the Burchfield Penney Art Center. Click here to listen to her artist interview. 



Nina Freudenheim was the owner and operator of Nina Freudenheim Gallery, one of the most distinguished commercial galleries in Buffalo. Freudenheim’s interest in art developed from her own personal collection, and her curiosity to know the artists behind the works in her collection ultimately inspired her to open her own gallery in 1975. For the next forty-five years, Nina Freudenheim Gallery was a revered space for contemporary art, craft, and photography. Reflective of Freudenheim’s personal interests and tastes, gallery artists are exhibited individually, while group shows explore concepts of established and emerging artists.

Freudenheim’s passion for both the art and the artist has cemented her legacy within the local arts community. She was influential not only in her work as a gallerist, but also in her efforts as a consultant on public arts projects, an advisor and an appraisal expert for several institutions throughout the region. Freudenheim’s dedication to the arts has been integral in connecting regional, national and international artists to Western New York audiences, museums, curators and collectors.

The Castellani Art Museum is one such institution that worked with Freudenheim for years and acquired several works to its collection. The museum is currently exhibiting a show to celebrate the significance of this longstanding relationship and survey the impact of Freudenheim’s legacy. For the Love Art: A Tribute to Gallerist Nina Freudenheim will be on view through 2020 to mark the 45th year of her enduring career.

Nina Freudenheim passed away on April 10, 2020.