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Pat Jacoby Harris

Pat Jacoby Harris

b. 1940
Born: Peekskill, New York, United States

"Patricia Jacoby Harris was born in Peekskill, NY, September 15, 1940 and grew up in this Hudson River Valley area, 40 miles north of New York City. She was an art major at Hendrick Hudson HS, Montrose, NY. In 1959, Jacoby Harris enrolled in SUNY College of Art Education, Buffalo, NY and spent a semester in Sienna, Italy. Studies included fresco painting, sculpture, pottery, art history and Italian culture.
She lived in New York City during 1960’s and has divided subsequent years between Buffalo and Peekskill. In Peekskill 1986-1997, she opened PJH Showroom Gallery and had a studio in The Dempsey Flatiron Building in Peekskill’s Downtown Historic District.

Jacoby Harris is currently living and working in the Black Rock District of Buffalo. She has exhibited widely in New York State, Pennsylvania and the Western New York Area, receiving many awards and Best of Shows for her work.

Watercolors painted with unconventional techniques reach dimensions of between 4 to 6 feet. The brushstrokes and washes compose highly animated imagery using transparent colors and opaque gouaches. She also works in acrylics on canvas, board and paper, but another favorite medium is colored pencils and sticks. This medium is also used in a nontraditional manner. Abstract imagery is heavily built up of layer of pigment and burnishing which results in a highly glossy and rich surface.

In recent years the linear signature of these abstract paintings have found expression in fiber crafts and “Specious Artifacts”. The expression is in the creation of strands of fiber made from the reclaimed and unraveled wools, mohairs, linens, cottons, silks and acrylics of sweaters that are from all over the world. Hundreds of artifacts (mostly hats) have been sold at stores in Buffalo and New York City.
Jacoby Harris is a longtime member of The Buffalo Society of Artists and has exhibited in many of their juried shows." [1]





[1] "Pat Jacoby Harris" Resume and Artist Statement, May, 2015, PDF, courtesy of the artist