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Paul Lloyd Sargent

Born: U.S.

Paul Lloyd Sargent is a multidisciplinary artist who divides his time between Buffalo, Brooklyn, and Wellesley Island, N.Y. [1] He has an MFA in video from the Art Institute of Chicago and is enrolled in the PhD program in media study at the University at Buffalo. His work has examined the ecology, economy, and community structure of urban waterways along the St. Lawrence Seaway and the Great Lakes.  In an interview for the blog Everyday Trash, he noted that one of his projects aims “to comment on the way we artificially manage natural waterways in the U.S.  Typically I go to a community along the Great Lakes or St. Lawrence River and do some sort of official or guerrilla trash clean-up, then use the stuff I find to build an installation …” [2]

Sargent has exhibited projects in a variety of media in Hong Kong, Berlin, Utrecht, Milan, New York City, Chicago, and Buffalo.

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