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Paula Watkins

Paula Watkins is just a regular human being who wants to be left alone.

Yes, she went to UB Media Study. Yes, she was the Technical Coordinator at Squeaky Wheel buffalo media resources from 96-98. Yes, she made the mockumentary "panic: the goatboy of amherst". Yes, she produced Axlegrease, and curated Axlegrease Lounge and hosted Open Screening and invented Dysfunctional Family xmas(open screening dec 97). Yes, she learned from an editing student that her vcr skills were transferrable to a job at a tv station.

Yes, she went and got a job at WUTVFox29. Yes! She hated it! Sure, She then moved to Providence, Rhode Island and joined The Pork Chop Lounge comedy troupe at AS220.

Yes, they played the Edinburgh Fringe Festival August 2001. Yes, a Tunisian man attempted to strangle her in the Penny Black at 5:30am. No, he did not succeed.

Anon, she did everything a person can possibly do on stage including sing, blank out on lyrics, fall off the stage (3 times) urinate in a group, and tell cheap jokes that got her expelled from her living quarters.
(The troupe was put up on blocks in a yard in Olneyville for years to come.)

Yes, she went on to live a regularish life, fell in love, got engaged, moved to Florida, played a lot of golf, watched her fiance, cat, dog, friends & neighbors die. Lost her job and house all in the same week and moved back to Buffalo in February 2014.

Yes, she is very impressed with the new vibration here.

Yes, she is now an avatar of Ron Ehmke and may not actually exist. But at one time...there was Camelot.