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Robert Wurster

Robert Wurster

b. 1958

Robert Wurster is a Western New York sculptor. He received his BFA in sculpture from Temple University and his MFA in sculpture from Indiana University. [1] Working primarily in wood, Wurster’s work is influenced by forms and textures found throughout nature. He elaborates on the intentional connection between nature and his sculptures in his artist statement:

“Sculpture is a silent language for me, and my work is metaphorical for issues affecting humans’ relationship with nature. Wood is a living material used by every culture since prehistoric times. It’s a modest, strong, and beautiful material. I want to continue the tradition of respect for wood, while expressing something of this time in history.” [2]

Wurster has exhibited throughout the region, featured in shows at the Kenan Center (Lockport, NY), the Erie Art Museum (Erie, PA), the Roycroft Inn (East Aurora, NY), and the Burchfield Penney, among others. He has also worked at Fisher-Price/Mattel since 1995, where he currently serves at the Senior Manager in Design Sculpting. [3]

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