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Ryan Florey

Ryan Florey

Ceramicist Ryan Florey earned his MFA in ceramics from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2017.  Working with course terracotta clay, his art is a study of form—blending the seemingly disparate influences of the geometric and the organic. According to Florey, The evolution of the pieces on display in Art in Craft Media 2017 shows the development of a surface that defies the preconceptions of the materiality of clay. “The elusive nature of these objects begs the viewer to engage with the work; to question its origin and develop their own narrative.” [1]

Florey has shown his work previously at Warren Wilson College’s Holden Garry, Hallwalls Art Gallery’s member exhibition, and the Albright Knox Staff Exhibition.  He is currently an Exhibition Technician at the Albright Knox Art Gallery. [2]

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