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Samantha Schnell

Samantha Schnell

Born: Alexandria Bay, NY

Samantha Schnell is a ceramic artist currently located in Buffalo, NY. She attended SUNY Buffalo State, receiving her BS in Ceramics in 2018. Schnell works primarily in clay to create landscapes that reflect various interactions within nature as well as her own interactions and experiences. She writes in her artist statement:

My work is inspired by a fascination with nature and the way it interacts with itself as well as with the man-made world manipulating it. I make connections between the ways nature grows and adapts to its environment and my own interactions and reactions to my surrounding environment. How feelings of being overwhelmed, inspired, awed, fearful and alone relate to phenomenon occurring in nature such as how a tree can cling to the side of a cliff by only a couple strong roots tethering it to solid ground or how a seed accidently dropped inside an abandoned building can sprout and grow despite the dark interior. [1] 

Schnell has exhibited at the Indigo Gallery in Buffalo, as well as the Artspace Buffalo Gallery and at Buffalo State.

For more information on Samantha Schnell and her work, visit her website

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