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Stella Marrs

Stella Marrs is an interdisciplinary artist whose work engages ideas of gender, public space and the environment. Her practice includes video installation, hosting community collaborative events, producing and distributing critical ephemera and curating. Her work has been featured in Bust, Venus, Time Out NY, Punk Planet and LA Weekly.

This summer she produced a community picnic event debuting a mylar sculpture, The World’s Tallest Inflatable Woman, at Waterfront Park in Burlington, Vermont where she now lives. This work is a continuation from the 1980s, when Marrs created a number of initiatives and events in her hometown of Olympia, Washington that addressed female empowerment/female space. These included the alternative arts space Girl City and the community performance events 50 Girls/50 States (Women For World Peace) and 100 Women Dinner Party.

She received her MFA from The University at Buffalo in New York in 2009.