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Studio of the Streets

From 1990–1993, the Studio of the Streets crew turned the street into a studio and produced over 100 videotapes containing over 250 weekly, hour-long shows in order to simultaneously protest the lack of a local public access facility in Buffalo, and the lack of platforms for independent producers and the public to respond to the mainstream media. Studio of the Streets engaged in unscripted, public dialogue every Friday “at high noon” with passersby from the steps of City Hall; and while doing so, quite literally (and rather uniquely) taught participants and viewers alternative means and methods for producing and distributing a TV show through live example. Interviews ran the gamut from casual conversation about the weather, to local and national politics, to video production and beyond. The team consisted of Tony Conrad and Cathleen Steffan, and regular Ann Szyjka, as well as many of their rather active local media making contemporaries.