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Timothy Noble

Timothy Noble

b. 1975
Born: San Francisco, CA., U.S.

Timothy Noble is a Buffalo-based artist who works in a wide variety of disciplines, including robotics, digital art, sculptural installations, video, and print. Born in San Francisco and raised in the midwest, he is a graduate of Antioch College and a student at the University of Maryland.

 In a 2012 artist’s statement, he writes:

“Recently, my work has been concerned with exploring the techniques and tools of open source hardware within an art context. Specifically, this has meant creating modular forms with an eye toward multiple iterations, freely releasing design files and finding ways to hack and modify platforms built by others in ways not previously explored or intended. I see this as an extension of my enduring interest in investigating process and the critical use of tools of production. How do we shape and reshape our subjectivities through our relationship to our tools of representation? And further, what happens to the creative process when the tools themselves are open-ended and malleable?” [1]

Noble’s “Semi-Automatic Chalkboard,” an automaton capable of executing chalk drawings, will be on display at the Burchfield Penney throughout much of 2014. For more information on this and other works, visit


[1] Tim Noble, "Artist/Research Statement," [Accessed 11/20/2013]