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Virocode is a creative duo whose work explores the intersection of art and science. Virocode focuses on the mediums of photography and videography. Virocode was founded in the 1980's, and have been creating thought-provoking works ever since. "The work has been exhibited nationally at; MOMA in New York City, Hallwalls, Burchfield Penney, The Albright - Knox and CEPA Gallery in Buffalo, New York, Pacific Film Archive in Berkeley, Diversworks Art Space in Houston and Southern Exposure Gallery in San Francisco and, Internationally in various European video festivals." (1)

"Virocode creates art that explores the theories, laws, and hypothesizes of science that hemorrhage into our culture, and coagulate on the individual. The work exposes scientific tenets to the chilly outside air and re-contextualizes them in the full spectrum of the narrative of everyday living." (1)


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