• 8mm News Collective

    8mm News Collective was an activist media collective founded in 1990, with a mission to question and critique regional broadcast news television programs. 

  • Buffalo Artists Against Repression & Censorship

    Buffalo Artists Against Repression & Censorship (BAARC) formed organically in 1990 in response to censorship in the arts and first amendment violations in Western New York.

  • Media Coalition for Reproductive Rights

    The Media Coalition for Reproductive Rights (MCRR) formed in Buffalo, N.Y. in 1989 to spark a wide-ranging public discussion regarding women’s health using the venue ofmore

  • Studio of the Streets

    From 1990–1993, the Studio of the Streets crew turned the street into a studio and produced over 100 videotapes containing over 250 weekly, hour-long shows in order to simultaneouslymore

  • Tiny Circus

    Tiny Circus is a collaborative project that facilitates workshops and works in a variety of media, including stop motion animation, documentary audio and video, zines, and social interaction tomore

  • Jan Agati Abbarno

    Jan Agati Abbarno is an artist and a retired art teacher.

  • Erika Abbondanzieri

    Erika Abbondanzieri is a licensed architect practicing in the city of Buffalo.

  • Laura Abbott

    Laura Abbott is an artist based in Western New York whose work was included in the Burchfield Penney exhibition The Artists Among Us II.

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