• Ridvan Yavuz

    Ridvan Yavuz

    Ridvan Yavuz is a filmmaker and cinematographer in narrative and also working in his PhD about virtual reality, expanded cinema and experimenting about image and spectator relationship.  

  • Liaung-Chung Yen

    Liaung-Chung Yen

    Liaung-Chung Yen is a jewelry designer based in Western New York.

  • John Yerger

    John Yerger

    John Yerger was a painter who lived in western New York.

  • JiEun Yoon

    JiEun Yoon

    JiEun Yoon, a glass artist originally from Seoul, South Korea, is completing her MFA in Glass at Rochester Institute of Technology.

  • Julie York

    Julie York

    Julie York is a ceramic artist who works in porcelain, glass and plastic.

  • John Young

    John Young

    John Young is a Western New York artist.

  • James Cole Young
  • Toma Yovanovich

    Toma Yovanovich

    Toma Yovanovich is a printmaker whose work is in collections around the world.

  • Roman Zabinski
  • Tanya Zabinski

    Tanya Zabinski

    Tanya Zabinski is a Western New York artist.