• Nancy Whitemore
  • Nancy Whitermore
  • Jay Wholley

    Jay Wholley

    Jay Wholley is a sculpture who works mostly with cast metals and bronzes.

  • Richard Wicka

    Richard Wicka

    Richard Wicka is a Buffalo, N.Y.-based media artist and the proprietor of "The Home of the Future," a media access center and production/recording studio based in his Kaisertown home.

  • Michael Wickham

    Michael Wickham

    Michael Wickham is a Western New York artist.

  • Jessica Widmer

    Jessica Widmer

    Jessica Widmer is a Western New York artist.

  • Paul Wiesenfeld

    Paul Wiesenfeld

    Paul Wiesenfeld was an American realist painter, working primarily in oil to create comprehensive interior scenes and portraits.

  • Urquhart Wilcox

    Urquhart Wilcox

    David Urquhart Wilcox was an American painter, illustrator, and teacher. His oil and watercolor paintings depicted a wide array of subject matter including portraits, landscapes, African-Americanmore

  • Frans Wildenhain
  • Susan R. Wilke

    Susan R. Wilke

    Susan R. Wilke is a Western New York artist.