• Robert Wurster

    Robert Wurster

    Robert Wurster is a Western New York sculptor. Working primarily in wood, his work is influenced by forms and textures found throughout nature. 

  • Patty Wurster

    Patty Wurster

    Patty Wurster is a Western New York artist.

  • Andrew Wyeth

    Andrew Wyeth

    Andrew Wyeth (1917 – 2009) was a realist painter. He is known for his regionalist style. One of his most celebrated works is his painting “Christina’s World."

  • Judy Wynne
  • Mary Wyrick

    Mary Wyrick

    Mary Wyrick is a Western New York artist who has lived in Buffalo since 1992.

  • Yu Xin
  • Yibo Xu
  • Xiao Yang

    Xiao Yang

    Xiao Yang is a Buffalo based artist born in China. She received a BFA with an emphasis in abstract Painting and Illustration from Daemen College, and currently enrolled at MFA program at themore

  • Liang Yanlu

    Liang Yanlu

    Luna Yanlu Leung is a media artist.

  • George D. Yanson