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  • Buffalo Contact Improv Jam/Performance Group

    Buffalo Contact Improv Jam/Performance Group

    Nancy Hughes, originally from Texas, lives in Buffalo, NY as a teacher, dance-maker and performer.

  • William “Tony” Petty

    William “Tony” Petty

    Bio:  William Petty better known as Tony was born in Buffalo, NY in 1952.  

  • Gerald Seals

    Gerald Seals

    Artist statement.  Art that is thoughtful and well crafted, is a kind of communication that is a     multifaceted, multilayered form ofmore

  • Dawn Martin Berry-Walker

    Dawn Martin Berry-Walker

    Artist statement:  My artwork is an organic expression of my appreciation for two things that always intrigue and pleasure me...jazz music and African culture.  

  • Ari Moore

    Ari Moore

    Artist statement:  Visions of dreams, hope and faith, seeking images of the same in the world about me.  Artists have always pulled and pushed the boundaries of socialmore

  • Chill Ali

    Chill Ali

    Rising Buffalo-based emcee, Chill Ali, earns his moniker with his latest, long-gestating project, FREE YA MIND

  • Dev11n


    dev11n is a singer, songwriter and poetic lyricist from Buffalo, NY. Her jazz influenced style, coupled with her thought provoking lyrics, create a sound reminiscent of 90’s Hipmore

  • John M. Hanford

    John M. Hanford

    John Hanford was among the faculty of the Art Institute of Buffalo, where he taught a sculpture workshop in 1953.

  • Phyllis I. Thompson