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Charles E. Burchfield (1893-1967), The Richter Vogt Collection of Charles E. Burchfield Materials, 1905 - 1975; Burchfield Penney Art Center Archives; purchased by funds from Peter A. Vogt in honor of Edna M. Lindemann, 2004

The Richter Vogt Archive of Materials Relating to Charles E. Burchfield
Purchased by Peter Vogt in honor of Edna M. Lindemann

This Charles E. Burchfield Archive had been held by the artist’s grandson, David Richter, who originally acquired its contents from his aunt, Louise Burchfield, and his grandmother, Bertha K. Burchfield. Until now, these materials had not been made available for research purposes; hence their transfer to public trust will facilitate new and on-going scholarly research.  This extraordinary acquisition will enable us to have access to rare and unique items that help to illuminate a major artist’s life and career. 

The Richter Vogt Archive of materials relating to Charles E. Burchfield contains seminal materials pertinent to understanding Charles E. Burchfield and his art with greater depth and detail.  The correspondence includes hundreds of items written by and to Burchfield, other artists, his art dealers, art institutions that exhibited and collected his work, collectors, and family members.  In addition there is original art by Burchfield in the form of doodles, notebooks, woodcut blocks, copper plates, drawings and sketches, as well as a few examples of art by other artists, such as J. J. Lankes, William J. Schwanekamp, and Charles W. Norton.  Important historic documentation that supports research and will enhance exhibitions includes photographs, exhibition catalogues and related publications, magazine articles and other clippings, certificates and awards, materials related to art classes he taught, materials pertaining to Charles and Bertha Burchfield’s wills, letters from Andrew Wyeth to David’s mother, Martha Richter, and miscellaneous items. The PDF finding aid to the collection is available to the right.