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Cort Lippe, Termites, 2013; audio, running time: 10 minutes; Courtesy of the Artist

The Convolution Brothers (aka Cort Lippe, Miller Puckette, Zack Settel) were recently overjoyed to learn that Pedro Carneiro, an excellent chef who specializes in Marimba, had invited them to a taste test of one of his newest creations. Recently, on a balmy spring day, the Brothers sat down to what proved to be a highly unusual treat. Mr. Carniero's Marimba, which he serves on a special table resembling an ironing board, is an enormous meal. The meat turns out to be surprisingly tough. Mr. Carniero has made the courageous choice of serving it with little or no additional seasoning (although Convolution Brother One thought it needed ketchup, which he slathered liberally over his portion). The Marimba is eaten with four utensils resembling chopsticks with one enlarged end, which prevents them from sliding down between the hard, dark-brown morsels of Marimba. The Marimba was, nonetheless, difficult to eat. The pieces are rather heavy for picking up with chopsticks, and since they are too large to fit comfortably in the mouth, it is necessary to bite off pieces while still holding the remainder between the sticks. Brother Zero had some trouble chewing his portion, but this was not a problem for Brother One, whose technique was to lick off the ketchup (some of which landed on his shirt; next time perhaps he'll ask for a napkin). Brother Two could not participate in the tasting. Regrettably, he had a dentist appointment that day. termites is released on Sirr Records. (Program notes by Miller Smith Puckette).