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Sanxingdui is my local ancient culture. The site was an ancient city.  In 1988, the state council designated the Sanxingdui site as one of the most valuable cultural relics.  Being absent from my historical background, I realize how delicate are the subculture and the relationships between the individual and the local culture. This three channel video has a redemptive narrative for my ambivalence, and it is also a way to rethink autognosis, an understanding of ones own psychodynamics and ones uniqueness. There is a sentence that pops up on the black background in the beginning threshold of the video. It says “when I love my culture, it is like stirring the dehydrated seaweed with raw eggs.”  Which is my strange and convoluted method of pouring out my love?The video style is consistent with the “See You When I See You”  print series which consist of the two creatures with strange eyes, artifacts, similar choice of color and their mysterious vibes.  Since those ancient figures presented in the video are very distant, they are experienced as frozen symbols, emptied of real meaning. I intend to feed new energy into these frozen symbols with subjective illusion and desire.