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Preserving the past

At the Burchfield Penney, there are extensive archives on the following arts organizations - some of which are, unfortunately, no longer in existence:

  • Roycroft Publication Collection
  • The Buffalo Society of Artists (records, financial, exhibitions, and membership dating back to 1891) 
  • The Patteran Society
  • The Oakland Women’s group
  • Artpark (Lewiston, NY)
  • The Art Institute of Buffalo
  • The Artists Committee

Additional archival materials include:

  • Over 1,050 catalogues of individual artists' work
  • 1,120 catalogues of arts organizations and their collections
  • 3,400 slides of non-collection Western New York artists' work
  • 14,960 slides of installations from over 40 years of exhibitions
  • The Charles Rand Penney collection of 1,240 catalogues of exhibitions at both commercial and public galleries relating to Charles Burchfield
  • Over 620 files on arts organizations
  • Over 4,000 files representing exhibitions held at the Burchfield Penney including ownership and images