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Caitlin Cass, Women Win Big Victory, Mixed Media

Caitlin Cass, Women Win Big Victory, Mixed Media

Class / Workshop  |  Drawing History

A Hands-on Virtual Workshop

Saturday, January 23, 2021, 11 am–1 pm

Artist/Instructor: Caitlin Cass
Virtual workshop
Fee: $24 for members/ $34 for non-yet members

In this workshop, we will explore what a difference a day can make through visual storytelling. Beginning with a photograph or news clipping, participants will work through ideation exercises to develop a one-page visual narrative. Come ready to write, draw, and watercolor. 

Caitlin Cass makes comics and gallery installations about failing systems and irrational hope. Her exhibition Women's Work: Suffrage Movements 1848-1965 (on view through January 31st) celebrates the 100th anniversary of the 19th amendment and confronts racism within suffrage history.  Her comics and cartoons have appeared in The New Yorker, the Lily, and The Public.  She was also a 2018 NYSCA/ NYFA Artist Fellow in Fiction. Caitlin lives and works in Buffalo and teaches Art at Buffalo Seminary. 


A photograph or news clipping of your choice. Choose something that evokes a lot of memories for you. It could be a news clipping from a world event or a photograph of a significant moment in your life.  You may want to photocopy or print out a copy to collage.



14" x 18" sheet of watercolor paper (or similar, size is flexible) 

Watercolor (one or two tube colors or a pan set, which every you prefer) 

Glue stick 

3 sheets of Scrap paper (printer paper works well)

1 scrap piece of watercolor paper to practice on 

Registration coming soon. Questions? Contact Kathy Gaye Shiroki at