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Karima Bondi, Embroidery, 2020

Karima Bondi, Embroidery, 2020

Class / Workshop  |  Day by Day: A Hands on Mixed-Media Virtual Workshop

Thursday, January 28, 2021, 1–2:15 pm

Artist/Instructor: Karima Bondi
Dates: Thursday’s, January 21 & 28
Fee: $30 members and $40 for not-yet-members
The workshop is hosted on Zoom

Let us stop to consider.

We begin a new year under extraordinary circumstances. What better time to explore what makes our own world go-'round? What really matters? What places and objects in our lives give us meaning and nourishment? In this workshop participants will create a mixed media artwork through the exploration of what defines and nurtures our daily lives.

First Session:

Be prepared to brainstorm. We will use a visual means to map out our lives and focus in on what is most meaningful at this point in time. Participants will be guided through a specific process in order to choose a subject. From here, small renderings will be created to represent varying aspects of our chosen subject.

Creative Work at Home:

From your word map, three words will be chosen (creator’s choice). Before our second session, a small rendering (I will be doing 5” by 5” but you may choose whatever size suits you) of each word will be made. Here is where you start to play with your materials. Anything goes. Paints, pencils, paper, bits and bobs of whatever you have available, ephemera of any sort.

(Karima is a great believer is using what is on hand). For our next session, you will have three small works representing the three words chosen from your word map. These need not be completed art words, more like thinking, and experimenting on paper.

Second Session:

Here we focus and expand.

Now you have three small pieces representing three words chosen from your word map. You will use your renderings as a starting point to create a larger piece. As you study your renderings, you will look for common threads, ideas, or feelings that are present in all three. Again, you will use any materials that your heart desires to create a larger piece. This work will be representative of who you are and where you stand, on this very day, in our ever-changing, astonishing world. Participants will be encouraged to create an artwork that is vivid, live affirming, and ambitious.

Materials Lists

First Session:

• Paper and pen for writing (journal if you use one)

• brown paper grocery bag, large size

• black bold-tipped marker

• A second bold-tipped marker of a bright color


For creative work at home:

• 3 squares of the material of choice such as watercolor paper

   (140lb weight or higher), matte or Bristol board.

The size of your squares is up to you as long as they are all the same size

(I will be working with 5” by 5” squares)

- art materials of choice: paint, pencils, inks, thread, collage materials


paintbrushes(for gluing and painting)

Second Session:

• 1 large piece of material of choice such as watercolor paper ( iI will be using 12' x 12' but need not be a square)

( 140lb weight or higher), matte or Bristol board.

• Materials of choice; paints, pencils, inks, thread, collage materials

• scissors

• adhesive of your choice (glue stick, gesso, mod lodge, matte medium)

• paint brushes (for gluing and paint application)

Karima has a B.S in Design with a concentration in fibers and an M.S. in Exceptional Education. After many years of working full-time in education, she is now enjoying the freedom to pursue her own creative work. Her subjects are simple and close to home: a spoon, a flower, a window, a seedpod. She encompasses her personal history and that of the urban landscape in which she lives. In so doing, Karima hopes to honor both the strength and the fragility of human connections along with the enduring beauty and vulnerability of the natural world. Karima lives and works in Buffalo, NY.

 Registration coming soon. Questions? Contact Kathy Gaye Shiroki at