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Jennifer Koury, Dawning Clouds, 2017, Watercolor on paper

Jennifer Koury, Dawning Clouds, 2017, Watercolor on paper

Class / Workshop  |  A Day of Paint and Prose: Honoring a memory of loved one

A Hands-on Virtual Workshop

Saturday, February 6, 2021, 11 am–12:30 pm

Artist/Instructor: Jennifer Koury
Fee: $18 for members / $28 for not-yet members
The workshop will be held on ZOOM

Honor the memory of someone or a life experience by painting a watercolor completely inspired by your loved one. Bring a letter, poem, or verse you cherish, to symbolically incorporate into your unique piece.

Using supplies from around the house, individuals or families are welcome to participate in the joyful act of painting a watercolor dedicated to their loved one and conveyed through prose and color. This healing art workshop signifies the expression of our feelings through both physical movements of expressive brushstroke and color, and the symbolic, by the acknowledgment of our feelings being freed, and expanding out into the flowing color of the watercolor medium.

If you wish, feel free to purchase additional watercolor supplies listed below. The class will be kept small, so artists may share their reminiscence of their loved one if they would like.

Supply List includes materials you have around the house and additional optional:

Please prepare a work surface with a large plastic bag, so you feel comfortable letting color flow and splatter, and/or pouring paint.

1. Printer paper or paper you might have around the house; colored paper is great too.

2. Assorted brushes from around the house. Eye droppers from around the house.

3. Water-based paints from around the house. Plastic plate or clean styrofoam tray to mix paint on.

4. To write your prose on your watercolor, a pen or marker, or metallic gel pen.

5. Pencil, eraser, water container with a wide, stable base, spray bottle with water, paper towels, and old, but clean toothbrush for splattering. Disposable cups- approximately 4 -8 oz, masking tape, scissors, hairdryer, table salt, and Plastic Wrap. 

Optional Supply List offers choices you may wish to purchase: 

2 - 3 pieces of Arches 140 lb, Rag- 100% Cotton, Cold Press, 15 x 22. If purchasing a pack of ten sheets 30 x 22 of watercolor paper from online suppliers, such as Hyatt's, Blick, Cheap Joes, Jerry's, you might consider dividing an order with other participants.

Size 16 or 14 Round Watercolor Brush, Loew Cornell Ultra Round Watercolor Brushes.

Watercolor palette with your favorite paints, or a set which uses the lid as a palette. Tube paint not in Pans, brands include Qor, Daniel Smith, Sennelier, and Winsor Newton.

Stylist Pen or Micron Pen or Crow Quill Pen. Crow Quill requires a water-based ink, Sepia, Black or color of your choice.

Walnut Ink, Sepia, Turquoise, Blue, Magenta, Black etc., water-based inks, so they can be diluted.

Registration coming soon. Questions? Contact Kathy Gaye Shiroki at