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Lecture / Discussion  |  Dr. Crystal Fleming "How to be Less Stupid about Race"

Tuesday, February 25, 2020, 12:15–1:30 pm

Keynote: Dr. Crystal Fleming on How to be Less Stupid about Race    

What if we could defeat racism? Many of us understand that race is a social construct. We can often spot racial discrimination when it’s happening, we can offer explanations of it, and we can of course lament its psychologically nagging and socially debilitating existence. With a PhD in Sociology from Harvard University, her work gracing the stages of Newsweek, The Boston Globe, and Al Jazeera, and a game-changing book entitled How to be Less Stupid about Race (2018), Dr. Crystal Fleming of Stony Brook University uses Critical Race Theory, Black Feminism, and classical sociology to provide a no-holds-barred style of critical analysis and a brilliant sense of humor to help us solve the race problem once and for all. Please join us in supporting and welcoming Dr. Fleming as our keynote speaker for Black History Month 2020.