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Kateri Ewing, 2015, photo credit

Kateri Ewing, 2015, photo credit

Class / Workshop  |  Painting with a Limited Palette

Saturday, April 16, 2016, 1–3:30 pm

Part of the International Center for Watercolor

Artist/Instructor: Kateri Ewing
Saturday April 16, 2016
1:00 – 3:30 pm
$30 members/$40not-yet members

Learn about the split-primary system of colour theory for watercolor and put your new skills to use by painting a pear in the botanical style. We will explore colour mixing, colour wheels and charts, and then paint a realistic looking pear together, step by step.

Watercolorist Kateri Ewing says that her work isn’t so much about creating art or making a statement as it is an avenue to convey how thoroughly in awe she is of the natural world around her. She expresses that awe in richly detailed paintings of songbirds, treasures of the plant kingdom and sweeping landscapes of the places she loves. Largely self-taught and committed to her continuing development as a painter, her technique evolves with each painting as she imagines ways to share the beauty and uniqueness of her winged and botanical subjects. 

Kateri has lived in Western New York for more than half her life, and counts Europe, the Midwest, the Desert Southwest and Texas as previous homes. In preparation for painting these days, she regularly walks and photographs the woods, meadows and waterways in two of her favorite places: Wyoming County and her beloved Knox Farm State Park in East Aurora, a park she helped rescue from New York State’s budgetary axe a few years back.

A writer as well as an artist, Kateri freelances for various publications. An accomplished poet, she was a featured reader at the Eden Mills (Ontario) Writers’ Festival in 2008. For her artistic endeavors and for her dedication to community, she was honored with the 2012 Mary and Gil Stott Award at Roycroft. Kateri teaches regular workshops in watercolour and drawing at MUSEjar in East Aurora, as well as private lessons from her home studio. Her first solo exhibition, "On a Wing," was at Meibohm Fine Arts in April and May of 2015.

Grace Meibohm, owner of Meibohm Fine Arts in East Aurora, represents Kateri locally and on the Internet. Of Ewing’s work she says, "Kateri's knowledge of her subjects and her passion for them is evident in her work which is fresh, direct and appealing. We keep looking forward to what will be rendered next."

To register contact Kathy Gaye Shiroki at 716-878-3549 or email or download the registration form on the BPAC website.

Supply List:

  • Two water containers
  • A white plate or palette for mixing
  • Paper towels
  • Number 8 or so round brush for mixing (not your best sable brushes!)
  • Several quarter sheets of practice-grade watercolour paper
  • One sheet of watercolour paper around 9 x 12 inches
  • Also bring your collection of watercolour pigments, tubes or pans
  • Kateri suggests a warm and cool version of red, yellow and blue, such as these from her palette of Daniel Smith paints:
    • Hansa Yellow Light
    • New Gamboge
    • Transparent Pyrrol Orange
    • Quin Rose
    • French Ultramarine
    • Phthalo Blue GS