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Hosted Event  |  The Parasite: A Sound and Text Performance with Craig Smith and Dave Copenhaver

Presented by CEPA and Big Orbit

Saturday, March 10, 2012, 8–11 pm

Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Auditorium  

Multimedia and performing artist Craig Smith will premier The Parasite: A Sound and Text Performance, with bassist and producer Dave Copenhaver and Buffalo's own Vores appearing as the 'Vorchestra.'


The Parasite was composed as a full length album and sound performance in 2011 and released on vinyl and CD in June, 2011 by Lunacy Records. The musical soundscape of the Parasite's compositions range from the psychadelic, poetic wandering of tracks such as "The Announcement of Exchange" to the driving blues-rich, lizard king force of "Phoenix of Hosts." All lyrics have been adapted by Smith from an original text of philosophy authored by Michel Serres and translated by Lawrence Scher, Serres' original text is a philosophical fable of social relations; those between a city rat and a country dweller, between two players in a wrestling match, or between the virtual and immanent power of evil as it materialized itself in social relations.

The live performance will feature Smith, Copenhaver, and the Vores at the Burchfield Penney auditorium, accompanied by a series of video montages projected over the performers and audience. The videos illustrate the fable presented in the work of Michel Serres: the country rat, evil, stampeding buffalo, the violent encounter of predator and prey, double-cage wrestling matches, snake wrestling, and hog roasts. The performance is 48 minutes in duration and is performed without breaks. The live performance is a combination of avant garde theater (Laurie Anderson, Richard Foreman), beaten beer barn brawl (Mudhoney Black Angels, Wanda Jackson), and out-of-body, transcendent stage personas (the Lizard King, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Keith Jarret, Beryl Korot with Steve Reich).

For more information about The Parasite, please visit their website at: