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Margaret Haug-Chebowski, First Thaw, 2012, 9.25 x 11 inches, watercolor, pencil, white gouache on paper

Margaret Haug-Chebowski, First Thaw, 2012, 9.25 x 11 inches, watercolor, pencil, white gouache on paper

Class / Workshop  |  Naked March: Bare Bones Regional Landscapes Inspired by Late Winter and Early Spring

Sunday, March 13, 2016, 1:30–4 pm

$30 members/$40 not-yet members
International Center for Watercolor
Artist/Instructor: Margaret Haug-Chlebowski

Explore the skeletal organic forms exposed in the Western New York landscape at this time of year, between winter and spring.  Nature is undressed revealing little of the hopeful greens except perhaps a crocus or two; instead experience wet muted colors, sloppy snow remnants, clumped decaying leaves, dried broken vegetation lines, thawing opaque creeks, muddy paths, and windy days.  Beauty abounding yet in guise.  Build depth by choosing a viewpoint where the impact of horizon line helps create an atmospheric perspective.

Margaret Haug- Chlebowski does not call herself a purist.  She adds pencil lines, ink, uses gouache for accents, and at times scrapes her paper to express her aesthetics.  “I feel each vista, place, and moment in time is unique.”  Margaret commented.  “Western New York is unique.  In my work I attempt to capture a mood, an experience, a presence of a visual regional time.”  Margaret is a member of the Buffalo Society of Artists and has exhibited in juried group exhibitions.  Her work has been included in juried exhibitions at the Anderson Gallery, Albright-Knox, Cooperstown National Show, Chautauqua Association Gallery, and Paint the Parks National Competition.  Recently Margaret’s one person exhibition was shown at the Gyda Higgins Gallery at Fox Run.  Margaret has 20 years’ experience in graphic arts and 8 in teaching art.

To register call Kathy Gaye Shiroki at 716-878-3549 or email or download the registration form on the International Center for Watercolor website.  Families and youth 12 and older are encouraged to participate.


To help get started I suggest bringing recent personal photographs of regional elements such as trees, shrubs, clouds, creeks, buildings, broken vegetation, puddles, etc., to use in your work.   I prefer paper print-outs over photo paper, in color if possible, as ordinary print paper is less slick, already imparting a distance from the original, providing fewer restrictions when incorporated into our own work. We will not necessarily replicate the organization of space in these photos, but use them for inspirational parts.


  • Personal photographs
  • Two (2) sheets of good quality watercolor paper cut to 16 x 18 inches; bring the scraps for color testing.  Off white is also a good option.
  • An assortment of various size watercolor brushes, from a small size 1 up to and including a larger wash brush.
  • Watercolor paints: tubes or pans
  • Large plastic watercolor tray with tubs for holding paint, and an area for mixing, or whatever you usually use to organize your pallet
  • One large foam core board from the dollar store cut in half
  • Feeling Creative? Bring along your choice of other media including pencils, pen and black ink.
  • Masking fluid for experimentation will be provided