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Lecture / Discussion  |  The Playgrounds Children Build For Themselves

Presented bu UK-based Pop Up Adventure Play with Buffalo's Pop Up Playground

Wednesday, April 9, 2014, 6–8 pm

Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Auditorium  

The Playgrounds Children Build For Themselves
Since World War II, adventure playgrounds have provided children with opportunities to light bonfires and use real tools to create the places they want for play. Playworkers develop a keen awareness of children’s processes at play and apply their skills to such varied environments as schools, hospitals and public parks. Our organization works internationally to support grassroots change, collaborating with community groups and institutions to find creative solutions to common issues such as risk and liability, access to nature and more. The presentation is packed with images and stories from the field and provides inspiration for participants to use in their workplace, at their design desk or on the living room floor with children of their own.
This lecture includes:
● Not ‘unstructured’, but ‘selfstructured’ defining key terms in play
● Essentials of playwork theory and approach
● Seedlings in the sidewalk nature, construction and demolition on a child’s scale
● The power of ‘yes’ tools for rethinking risk
● Taking play home the basics of a playwork approach made applicable to any setting

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