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Class / Workshop  |  CANCELED: Fido Foosball with Family & Friends

For all ages; come as a group of 3-5 people

Saturday, April 14, 2012, 12:30–4:30 pm

Studio Classroom  

Partnering with Tinkering School of Buffalo’s Melissa Leopard, the Burchfield Penney offers families and groups of friends a unique opportunity to design and build their own table-top foosball game. Taking inspiration from Jacqueline Welch’s UseumTM installation, Anatomy of a Sight Hound, participants will explore movement in the grace and stride of greyhounds and create their own foosball game where the star players are dogs who score winning goals with their furry little paws! Sign-up with 3-5 people to reserve a tinkering workstation (at least one of your group members should be a teen or adult). Bring a snack or lunch. More at