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Hosted Event  |  Niagara Frontier Watercolor Society presents Pat Dews

Thursday, May 16, 2019, 7 pm

Peter and Elizabeth C. Tower Auditorium  

Pat Dews, a graduate of The Fashion Institute of Technology, New York City is a signature member and Dolphin Fellow of the American Watercolor Society, the National Watercolor Society, the National Collage Society, and the New Jersey Water Color Society. Pat just oined the Florida Watercolor Society and will work towards becoming a Signature Member.

Dews’ creates experimental works in watermedia on paper and canvas. She paints the abstract essence of nature. The shapes and textures of flowers, rocks, water, crumbled walls, rusty objects are translated into richly layered paint surfaces. Collage is often integrated. Dews skillfully juggles organic and geometric forms, transparent and opaque paint - all held together by a basic abstract underlying shape. It is this intricate dance, rendered in strong color and value which produces her award-winning paintings. When Pat paints, it is a lively, fascinating performance as she shows that, with the simplest tools, less can become more, much more.

Pat's awards include Second Place in the 33rd Annual Artist's Magazine, Abstract/Experimental category for her painting, "Overpass." Dews' received the Mary Bryan Memorial Award at the American Watercolor Society 150th International Exhibition 2017, the Edgar Whitney Memorial Award at the 149th American Watercolor International Exhibition, 2016, the Paul B. Remmey, AWS, Memorial Award at the 148th American Watercolor Society International Exhibition, 2015, and the China Zou Yinong Silver Award-China/NWS Small Image Exhibition, 2016. Dews' paintings were represented in the 2015 Small Image Exchange and the 2015 Shenzhen International Biennial Exhibition, China.

Pat is the author of [the painter’s workshop] Creative Composition & Design, 2003, (ebook) and Creative Discoveries in Watermedia, 1998, published by North Light Books. Her work has appeared in numerous books and publications. Dews’ videos, Designing Great Starts with Texture and Form and Let’s Get Started Finishing are available through Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff.

Pat is an enthusiastic, popular instructor, teaching workshops internationally. She takes great delight in her students' many successes.