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Demonstration  |  Watercolor Demonstration by Peggi Nero Habets

Thursday, May 17, 2018, 7 pm

Our demonstrator, Peggi Habets comes to us from Pittsburgh, PA. She is this year’s Spring Workshop Artist. Join us in this welcoming theatre venue. Learn about Watercolor and about NFWS.

Peggi offers the following statement about her art:

I paint inspiring people and everyday life-- individuals who have stories to tell, struggles to overcome, or a passion to share. In my current series of paintings and drawings of dancers, I explore the mood and emotion of my subjects by incorporating abstract elements, gesture, and a variation of color, values, and edges. Instead of realistically depicting every detail, these paintings blend realism with ethereal shapes and forms, preserving enough ambiguity to allow the viewer to experience the painting in their own personal way. Even in these dance paintings, I am drawn to the hard work and dedication of the dancers, as opposed to the more traditional, posed “beautiful dancer” paintings.

My paintings are constantly evolving with the challenge to say more with less--minimal brushstrokes, fluid washes, and pure pigment are essential to that evolution. My intent has never been to create a painting that looks like a photograph. Instead, my primary goal and greatest reward is creating a painting that connects with the viewer emotionally, rationally or inexplicably.

Peggi Habets lives and works as an artist in her hometown of Pittsburgh, Pa. Her deep love for the fluidity and spontaneity of watercolor have led her to paint and teach in the medium for over 15 years. Her figurative and cityscape paintings have been exhibited and collected internationally and she has received awards in many prestigious shows, including the National Watercolor Society and the American Watercolor Society International Juried Exhibitions.

Publications of her work include “Splash 18” and the upcoming “Splash 19” watercolor books, as well as magazine features and articles in The Art of Watercolour, Pratique Des Arts, Watercolor Artist, Watercolor Magic, and Palette magazines. She is the author of "Watercolor Made Easy: Portraits" and was featured in "The Art of Drawing and Painting Portraits", both books published by Walter Foster Publishing. Peggi’s artwork was selected from 7,000 entries for the esteemed Shanghai Watercolour Biennial and the Shenzhen International Watercolour Exhibition, exhibiting in multiple cities in China.