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Special Event  |  Burchfield Collaborates: Revolving Carousel Stories

Preserving the history and experience of carousels for future generations

Friday, May 28, 2021, 6:30–8 pm

Join us for the launch of Burchfield Collaborates, our new series highlighting some of the most amazing culturals in Western New York telling stories you may have never heard.
Did you know this region is the proud home of two organizations working hard to preserve the history of carousels and keep America's remaining ones in operation for future generations?
After years in the making, the Buffalo Heritage Carousel (BHC) will deliver its dream of bringing a historic carousel to life at Canalside this Memorial Day weekend with the opening of a solar-powered, rotating amusement ride. The vintage carousel was in use until 1954 and stayed in storage for 60 years before BHC purchased it.
The Herschell Carousel Factory Museum is a historic carousel factory building located in North Tonawanda. Constructed between about 1910 and 1915, the complex consists of six primary structures and five contributory additions. At one time five carousel builders operated in North Tonawanda.
This segment of Burchfield Collaborates exposes you to a hint of the offerings at the museum. Master Carver Doug Bathke will dive into how a block of wood can be formed into an amazing horse sculpture. Then, the very informative Ian Seppala will share knowledge about band organs or fairground organs, mechanical marvels and the most colorful automatic musical instruments ever made.
Saddle up and carve out some time to join us this evening!