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Performance  |  Music of Video Games

Friday, July 14, 2017, 6–8 pm

Front Yard  

Anthony Swinnich and Steven Boyar perform from 6-7

Dan Behrens performs from 7-8

Anthony Swinnich, owner of HangOnGetReady, is a Buffalo-based chiptune artist and video game designer who creates modern music on the original 8-bit Nintendo.

Steven Boyar of SBthree makes his music using Gameboys and saxophones. His perfomance was recently described as 'David Lynch meets The Muppet Show’

Dan Behrens, also known as 'Danimal Cannon', is a guitar shredder and game music composer from Buffalo, New York USA. He’s best known for his majestic guitar solos over intricately designed gameboy beats. His latest album 'Lunaria' has been a critical hit across the world and has been making serious waves in the metal and electronic music scenes.  Having collaborated with Grammy winners and headlined on four continents, don't underestimate his unassuming instruments.  This music is much more than just a game.  





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