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Kateri Ewing, untitled, 9 x 12 inches on paper, watercolour.

Kateri Ewing, untitled, 9 x 12 inches on paper, watercolour.

Class / Workshop  |  The Magic of Process

International Center for Watercolor

Tuesday, July 23, 2019, 10:30 am–12:30 pm

Artist/Instructor:  Kateri Ewing
$24 members/$34 not-yet members

Our time together will be spent in the creative and meditative play of process, discovering the beauty and possibilities of different tools and materials and many ways to get our creative juices flowing. We will explore techniques and theory that encourage process over product and ease our way into discussions about the how and why of our own personal creative practice. 

I hope to share my philosophy of creative practice as a watercolorist, and the importance of finding our own voice and making time to simply play in ways that inform all of our work. Join the dynamic workshop of falling in love with our watercolour practice all over again.

Artist and teacher Kateri Ewing believes that we are all born with a desire to create. She believes that the world would be a better place if all people had the opportunity to explore their natural desire to create beauty, and that we only need a handful of minutes each day to nurture our creativity with simple, beautiful tools: your favorite brush, a beautifully textured paper, and the exquisite colors of watercolor paint. She believes that Art is for Everyone.

Kateri has lived in Western New York for more than half her life, and counts Switzerland, Italy, the Midwest, the Desert Southwest and Texas as previous homes. In preparation for painting, she regularly walks and photographs the woods, meadows and waterways in her favorite places: the Adirondack Mountains, Wyoming County, and her beloved Knox Farm State Park in East Aurora, NY, a park she helped rescue from New York State’s budgetary axe a few years back.

A writer as well as an artist, Kateri freelances for various publications, including a regular feature on the art blog, and a column for the East Aurora Advertiser, her local newspaper.  An accomplished poet, she was a featured reader at the Eden Mills (Ontario) Writers’ Festival  in 2008. For her artistic and writing endeavors and for her dedication to community, she was honored with the 2012 Mary and Gil Stott Award at Roycroft; her artwork has also won numerous awards in both local and national exhibitions. Kateri is a Roycroft-Artist-in-Residence on the Roycroft Campus, where she maintains a beautiful studio. There, she creates her own work, as well as teaches drawing and painting to groups as well as private students. She has created four of the top art classes for, regularly write for the Bluprint website and blog, and is currently working on a special project with Bluprint and NBC/Universal that is due out early next year. A sought-after public speaker, Kateri also gives inspiring workshops, presentations and lectures around the country, and internationally.  Her first book, Look Closer, Draw Better was published by Rockport Publishers in March 2019. Her artwork can be found in private and museum collections, worldwide.


Gather your favorite watercolours, pencils (any combination of graphite, charcoal and watercolor), ink pens, pastels, inks, gel pens (including a metallic gold and a white gel pen if your have them) and brushes. This class is all about exploring and using what we have to creative intuitive work that process oriented and unique to us. Bring the tools and materials that you love and that bring you JOY. Also bring s a selection of papers, both hot press and cold press, even papers that are not traditionally made for watercolor. We will be working no larger than 5x7, so if you have larger sheets you can tear or cut them into smaller pieces. Make sure you have a container for water and a roll of paper towels or rags to clean your brushes.

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For further information go to the International Center For Watercolor or contact Kathy G. Shiroki at, 716.878.3549.