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Kathleen Giles, Summer Evening, Olcott Harbor, 15 x 22 inches, Transparent watercolor 

Kathleen Giles, Summer Evening, Olcott Harbor, 15 x 22 inches, Transparent watercolor 

Class / Workshop  |  Wet-Into-Wet/Wet-On-Dry: Waterscape with Boat with Kathleen Giles

Saturday, October 8, 2016, 10:30 am–3:30 pm

International Center for Watercolor
Artist Inspiration Series

Instructor/Artist: Kathleen Giles
*1/2 hour lunch at 12:30 p.m. with a group critique at 3:00 p.m.
$70 members/$80 not-yet members

Create with an award winning Western New York watercolorist and national workshop instructor.  Participants will work on several watercolor techniques beginning with wet-into-wet followed by wet-on-dry applications to achieve a waterscape.

Kathleen S. Giles is a watercolor artist that has worked primarily in watercolor for twenty six years. Her work is defined by strong values and intense colors on a variety of subjects. The artist is self-taught and works in a realistic style that also showcases the “washy” look of watercolor.

My art has become such an all-encompassing force in my life that I am always involved in some aspect
 of it. I value the artistic relationships with my students and the endless opportunities to grow and
learn that teaching affords me. I am continually challenged and inspired to use all that I know
but also to be open to fresh ideas and techniques.

Kathleen had a ten page article published in the International Artists Magazine Dec/Jan 2014/2015 issue and her painting was featured on the cover. Her painting “Even the Angels Cried” is in Splash 17 and she also had a painting featured in Splash 15.  Giles is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society and a member of the Watercolor USA honor society. Kathleen’s work has been included in shows of the American Watercolor Society, Watercolor U.S.A., American Woman Artists, the Adirondack Show of American Watercolors, Transparent Watercolor Society, Blossom ll, the Art of Flowers and many other watercolor shows. Her painting “Mallory’s Hands” won second place in the Transparent Watercolor Society Show and the Grand prize in the American Women Artists Online show, both 2016.

Participants will work on a half sheet of watercolor paper (15 x 22 inches) and use wet-into-wet and wet-on-dry to paint a water scene with a boat. Students need to have some prior watercolor experience. 

“I mostly use transparent staining paints but also have a few semi-transparent and semi-opaque paints that I use in the later stages of painting if I need them.  Participants do not need the exact palette or supplies, but the quality of paint, paper and brushes I use allow me to get the results that I do.

An * by the paints I consider the most important and use the most.”                                   

Supply List:

* Primary Yellow (Maimeri Blu) or (any transparent staining yellow, Mission, Steven Quiller, etc.)

* Indian Yellow (Qor)

Quinacidone Gold (Qor)

* Cadmium Yellow Light (American Journey)

* Primary Red-Magenta (my pink)(MaimeriBlu) or Permanent Rose (Winsor Newton) (Mission)

* Quinacidone Magenta (Qor)

Taylor’s Flamingo Pink (Cheap Joes, it’s a fun opague)

Transparent Pryide Orange (Qor)

* Burnt sienna  (W.N.) or Transparent Oxide Red( American Journey)

* Vermillion (my red)(Mission)

Naphthol Red (M Graham)

* Perylene Maroon (W. N.)

* French Ultra Marine Blue(W.N.)

* Indanthrene Blue (Dick Blick) or Midnight Blue (American Journey)

* Peacock Blue (Holbein)

* Winsor Blue Red shade or thalo Blue

Cobalt Teal (Qor) or MaimeriBlu

Sky Blue (Cheap Joes)

* Winsor Green Blue Shade (W.N.)or Thalo Green

* Permanent Sap Green (W.N.)

Skip’s Green (Cheap Joes)

Dioxazine Purple (Qor)

Brushes are a personal choice. You need a good large wash brush, I use a sable/synthetic W.N. 2” brush. I also paint with it. I use rounds that come to a good point and also several flats. I use sable/synthetic blends and some synthetic, one or two sizes 6 thru 12.

A scrubby brush, I use a fritch scrubber, 6 and 12.

Paper- I use Arches #140 and #300 bright white paper. 

Palette- A plastic palette with mixing wells, I use Robert Wood

Masking fluid- I use Incredible White Mask

An inexpensive fine pointed brush for applying mask and a little dish soap

Spray bottles, regular and a fine mist sprayer

Masking tape, paper towels, I use regular pencils, a good eraser,

Mr. clean magic eraser, plain

A piece of gator board or some hard waterproof board to mount your painting on

Water container

To register call Kathy Gaye Shiroki at 716-878-3549 or email or download the registration form on the International Center for Watercolor website.  Families and youth 12 and older are encouraged to participate.